Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Things are picking up

I did a bunch of interviews today. I assume everyone else did, too. I caught a peek of this chick who I think might have been another contestant. She looked at me the same way I looked at her, which was a big "I don't think I'm supposed to be seeing you" face. She was brunette, big smile, great body - exactly my type. Regardless of whether she's in there or not, she was nice to look at.

Not sure who the interviews were for. I know some were for the show and then one for E!. I was sitting in front of a huge E! logo and I'm a pretty good detective like that. Someone from Entertainment Tonight was there, also - I guess for later or another day. I tend to snoop around when they tell me to sit still (which I'm not good at) and saw a guy with an Entertainment Tonight binder. I don't think I was supposed to see it, but I have no special face for that.

All in all, things are picking up. I was allowed to work out today. I'm not nervous, but am very anxious and ready to start.

Top fears about the house

5) Embarrassing my family. Not that I'm a scumbag or a weirdo or something, but sometimes a little info is too much, right? My parents live in Italy - chances are they won't be able to see the show, anyway. Plus, internet speeds are archaic over there, so hopefully they can't manage the internet feed. I'd rather they watch the thing on tape (after the fact), with me and the fast-forward button right alongside them.

4) Some horrible twist like, "everyone has to tie their arms behind their back for a month" or that Geico commercial with the tiny house. (Which I thought was a real show the first time I saw the commercial. Talk about crushed. Why hasn't anyone made that for real yet?)

3) Trap doors.

2) Going to the bathroom.

Okay, this really deserves its own little paragraph, because this was almost the one that made me back out. I know it's not going on TV or the internet, they promised me that. But even knowing that the people taping behind the walls can see is really gross. I'm not even thrilled that they can watch me shower, but the toilet? Maybe I'll try to come up with some sort of device to put over myself to block the camera.

And finally...

1) Julie Chan (Chan or Chang?) slaps me when I try to hug her.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tom Cruise

I'm just sitting here wasting away in the hotel, so I may as well chime in on this Tom Cruise thing. First of all, I've been out of the real world for three days already, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Maverick has taken over a small South American country, where he's gathering a small yet powerful army of devoted followers.

Actually, that's about all I think on it. He's clearly moved into another level of "sanity" that I'm not familiar with. I don't know how this will affect my opinions of his movies, because I'm trapped in this hotel room by myself, with an occasional visit from a scared room service person or one of the producers. If anyone wants, they could go over to the Big Brother house next week and yell over the wall if War of the Worlds was any good or not.

btw they told us our identities would be revealed to the public tomorrow, so let me apologize to anyone I lied to about going to Europe this summer.

I'm rethinking going on BB6

What I did in the 2 days before being sequestered:

1) Ate 3 huge meals, 3 moderate sized meals, 2 snacks
2) Went out to club with friends
3) Bought new clothes
4) Finished up a drawing
5) Hunted humans
6) Worked out
7) Had sex with 2 different girls in same day

What I've done in the two days since being sequestered:

1) Stared at wall
2) Had picture taken
3) Ate 4 small meals of questionable quality
4) Said hello to room service guy, to which he responded "I'm not supposed to talk to you."
5) Imagined hunting humans inside hotel
6) Told myself unfunny joke

Frankly, I can do any of these things outside the BB6 jurisdiction, except maybe getting the room service person to avoid me. That's apparently the kind of special treatment you can only get as a reality show contestant.

Big excitement this morning

We took our portrait thing for the show, which I guess goes with our "key of death" or whatever it's called? I don't know - they gave me all these DVDs of past seasons to watch, but I kept getting caught up in other stuff. I watched a little of BB3, but that dude Josh made me want to strangle myself. Regardless, they put my hair in super-slick mode for the pic - I'm not that into it, but whatever. I wonder if I should have shaved the goatee? I welcome your opinions, although I guess it's too late.

Later on, we did what I'm calling "dance for the camera, monkey!" They said it was for promos/commercials/etc. Basically, get in front of the camera and do something to show your personality. It was pretty funny, but I can't imagine it coming out as anything but silly looking. Hilarious for people that know I'm kind of a jack-ass already, but anyone else is going to wonder what's wrong with me.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Summer of Secrets?

Indeed! Stay tuned to this station!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Last one, I swear

First of all, if you note, I chose to go with the 'a' option in terms of capitalization. I don't know what the official rule is, but my blog is staying casual if I have anything to say about it.

They'll be here for me soon, so I really do have to run. Haven't even packed might say I have "time management issues". Shoot, plus I have a movie to take back to Blockbuster. ("Equilibrium" - Christian Bale (the new Batman) is in it. It was okay.)

In closing, let me say I hope everyone has a great summer, and that I'll see you soon. Or you see me soon. One or the other - let's leave things open, because frankly, you're cute and I want to see you again. I'm looking forward to the BB6 house and hopefully meeting some cool people. I assume I'll at least be able to make one friend, right?

I miss blogging already! It was a fun, exciting 35 minute era of my life. If I can find a way to blog from inside Big Brother using only the power of my brain and no computer, I'll do it lol.

So I'm looking at this blog

I'm tempted to post more. I always thought blogs were kinda dumb, but it's actually kind of cool. I have a few questions if anyone can help me:

1) How does Blogger make money? I feel like I'm stealing blog space.

2) Can you swear in your blog? I don't know. Do I designate my blog as family friendly? If I had a blog, which I do now, I'm pretty sure I'd like kids to be able to read it.

3) Am I supposed to capitalize the words in the post title, like it's a book? For example, which of these is correct:
a) So I'm looking at this blog
b) So I'm Looking At This Blog

4) Is my blog searchable? Does it show up on Google?

5) Can I take my blog public? Frankly, after only 1 and a half posts, I'm seeing this blog as becoming pretty lucrative. This post is probably worth 50 bones alone. 45 at a minimum. I'm soliciting opinions, here. Make an offer on the blog and it's yours.

6) Just as an observation, the Blogger spellcheck doesn't know the word "blog". Am I the only one that finds that strange?

After typing all of that, I just remembered I'm not going to have internet access for 3 months. All this valuable blog info is going to go to waste. Damn.

Hello and goodbye

Welcome to my blog. My name is Michael Donnellan, visual effects artist, sculptor, painter, web designer - really anything and everything to do with art.

Why this blog? Well, I'm about to leave on an exciting "thing" which I think I should leave nameless. Okay, fine, I'm going on Big Brother 6. I'm sure someone will find this later, though, so I want to leave verification that I was and am, in fact, sane.

That's the meaning behind "hello and goodbye". After today, no more internet access for awhile! Wish me luck!


PS if you're a girl and you're over 18, hi.
PPS feel free to send me an email and I'll try to respond when I get out.