Sunday, June 26, 2005

So I'm looking at this blog

I'm tempted to post more. I always thought blogs were kinda dumb, but it's actually kind of cool. I have a few questions if anyone can help me:

1) How does Blogger make money? I feel like I'm stealing blog space.

2) Can you swear in your blog? I don't know. Do I designate my blog as family friendly? If I had a blog, which I do now, I'm pretty sure I'd like kids to be able to read it.

3) Am I supposed to capitalize the words in the post title, like it's a book? For example, which of these is correct:
a) So I'm looking at this blog
b) So I'm Looking At This Blog

4) Is my blog searchable? Does it show up on Google?

5) Can I take my blog public? Frankly, after only 1 and a half posts, I'm seeing this blog as becoming pretty lucrative. This post is probably worth 50 bones alone. 45 at a minimum. I'm soliciting opinions, here. Make an offer on the blog and it's yours.

6) Just as an observation, the Blogger spellcheck doesn't know the word "blog". Am I the only one that finds that strange?

After typing all of that, I just remembered I'm not going to have internet access for 3 months. All this valuable blog info is going to go to waste. Damn.


Blogger JETCHA said...

Hey..... your blog can be googled. they make their money from ads. you can type however u want; caps, etc is all up to u. you are the hottest one in the house i hope u dont eff it up. ;)

jess, 22, student, wv

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found this blog from google! :)

Anna, CA

4:59 PM  

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