Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Girl, I love you so much, you don't even know, girl, yeah yeah, baby

This is a song I wrote (in my head) the other day so that I could sing in the house. In case you aren't aware, we can't sing any songs that haven't been cleared. Basically, I can't walk around singing MC Hammer songs, because MC Hammer isn't being paid to have his music broadcast on CBS. The producers are pretty hard-core about this and will shut you up quick with the loud booming voice.

Anyway, "Girl, I love you so much, you don't even know, girl, yeah yeah, baby" apparently sounded just like some old Boyz II Men song, so I can't sing that, either. And no, I didn't write it for Janelle - I wrote it for Ivette. I really think the world needs "Girl, I love you so much, you don't even know, girl, yeah yeah, baby," so instead of answering Julie Chen's questions, I may just sing "Girl, I love you so much, you don't even know, girl, yeah yeah, baby" in response to everything.

I may be done taking shots at people for awhile - at least the rest of the day. The truth is I'm ready to go, I've resigned myself to leaving, and if you want to know the truth, they had to stop me from walking out the other night after the "disturbance." (as they refer to it as in the Diary Room) I honestly have better things to do than be slandered, alienated, and frustrated any further by ignorant, spineless Houseguests who are "turned on" by a mob mentality.

I feel bad that I've left Kaysar in this position. He's tried his best to do everything right. Hopefully he can come back and win this thing. I would truly love to see that.


Blogger The All Powerful Oz said...

Yeah...um...so I guess you'll be slipping "prude jude" into your little chat with Julie on Thursday right "Mikey"?

4:34 PM  
Blogger Xialle said...

Depending on the tune, it could be a very catchy song! LOL Can't imagine why you'd sing it for Ivette, though.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Robin said...


Many of us will be sad to see you go. (I definitely will, and I suspect CBS will see a drop in ratings as a result) You are without a doubt, an intelligent, successful, well spoken gentleman (with badboy wit!)who stayed true to himself. Oh, and you’re one sexy man too. ;)

No one else in that house can say that, not even your friend Kaysar. Sorry, but he hasn't been doing you any favors. :(

I just hope you really and truly know you ARE better in every way than that bunch of small minded zipper-heads, and their midget captain too! You might be out of the house this week, but just think, Captain Kangeroo has a few more weeks to show us all what an arse he is. I reckon the rest of them won’t be too keen on his thoughts and opinions at the wrap party.

Ok, enough stroking your ego, have some fun,push some buttons and go out with a bang!


4:39 PM  
Blogger Erica Copeland said...

I think you are HILARIOUS!! Mike...let the naysayers say nay...I believe you. You really got the shaft on this experience. Its sickenly obviously who the real pervert is....um...duh HOWIE!!! You've been made the scapegoat...oh IVETTE IS GAY!! I cant believe she told April!! Good luck in the real world...you're much better than this :)

4:42 PM  
Blogger Unicorn said...

Note to editor boy: I honestly feel as though Eric should be the one leaving the house and not Michael. Maybe you could slip a suprise veto medal into one of the safes , and give the combination to Michael, that would really throw all of the other HG for a loop, also it would really be a true summer of suprises.

4:51 PM  
Blogger maxine815 said...

What happens to this Blog ???

5:16 PM  
Blogger David said...

Whoever you are, I hope you start another blog for another HG or continue commenting on the events as close to daily as possible.

6:20 PM  
Blogger vanruden said...

Please Everyone who reads this write to CBS in response to the horrible portrayal of Michael and the Heroic portrayal of the so-called Cappy. The people who do not have live feeds need to know what's really happening. Remember folks as this is just entertainment for us. This MAN (Mike) has to walk out of there and try to live his life with a untrue label posted on his forehead! If there is a decent bone in your body speak out against what is happening here! If you are honest enough to write to the producers maybe ask to throw in a twist to allow the nominees a second chance at saftey. Maybe even that golden key. Think about it Guys. How would you feel walking out of that house with such a label? If you could not imagine having to defend yourself everyday to strangers for something you didn't do than do something about it. Help another brother who has this shame lurking before him. I implore you. Thank You for listening. And thank You Big Brother for allowing us the viewers our opinions whatever thay may be.

7:27 PM  
Blogger =The Zedd= said...

I really hate to see you go especially since you're one of the most interesting people in the house right now (tell Janelle and Kaysar my hellos too). The rest of the Fluckers are hypocrites and are total b****** - I'd rather not mention names because it might anger people. Anyway, I hope eric and the rest of his black sheep review every bad thing they have done lately with the DVD version of this season and feel guilty. Yah. Lol.

8:29 PM  
Blogger debbieodebbie said...

Those idiots are so stupid. It's so infuriating that "cappy" is getting his demented way. I hate him and all of his puppets, especially "Latin Latin Latin blah blah blah Ivette." Howie is the pervert!!! Michael you rule. I hate the lynch mob mentality, and can't wait to see when they all turn against each other. Unfortunately, Kaysar and Janelle will be the next to go unless some HOH things or POV competitions
change for the better. ARGH!!!!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

I personally am appalled by the fact that Eric was allowed to continue in the house in the capacity that he was. I agree with Marcellas that something should have done. CBS should now ban him from being HOH or something. I think he should have been thrown out. OR this week that he was HOH should have been as if it was a dream. Maybe he should have been put up in Michaels place, but Michael if this is really you, you will be missed, you are by far (other then Howie) one of the most exciting, funny person in that house. What a boring year of houseguests...You will be missed.

7:39 AM  
Blogger WinterStarlight said...

I'm very disgusted with CBS showing that whole thing the way they did. Eric was physically violent! What the H are they doing letting him stay in the house!?? Eric should have been shown the door immediately. Instead they make out to be Cap'n Hero!

Michael, you will be sorely missed in the house, but sincerely, I think you'll really be better off! You are so much better than these people!

9:35 AM  

All I can say is thank god he will be gone Thursday. Talk about drinking the Kool Aid you people are actually chugging it. This guy is actually a Micheal Jackson type of strange.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Far said...

That whole fight with Eric was so uncalled for. Im sure Eric is a decent man on the outside BUT hes def playing the game and by getting everyone on his side in the first weeks hes asking for trouble... the mob WILL turn on him at some point. You seem to be bigger and better then this good luck!

12:18 PM  
Blogger thibar said...

Hello Mike I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to say a few things that I am sure alot of people would agree with me. First I hate hate the way they are downing you in the house they all should be ashamed of themselves. The sexual harassement is a little too much and too far fetch to believe. Especially with all the comments that BALDY is saying. I know for a fact that if the girls were being harassed by you or anyone in the house they would have put a stop to it. So in your defense they should tell followers and the "sheeps" as you put it to stop with the gossip and get on with the game and play it the right way. They are just agree with BALDY because he is on the throne with his crown. It will soon catch up with everyone that hello this is a game everyone that you are buddy buddy with will soon disown you. I think it would be a good thing if you leave but I think before you do CBS needs to say something on your behalf. The world is cruel enough as it is for people to be slandering an inocent person. You are a good person so of course they had to target someone too bad it was so harsh. Another thing about the little girls in the house is that if they didn't want you around then they shouldn't have invited the thought of even it getting it that far. Come on for real look at them walking around in the swim suits do they have any other clothes? I do like the bond between you, Kay, and Jan. I hope you are true with your feelings with Jan even if it just stays as a friendship. Do we all need good friends? Don't worry real people out in the world watching you know what you are about. Keep your head up you are doing a great job. Remember what goes around comes around.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Caitlin said...

Now I'm pretty sad that you're most likely going home tomorrow. This blog has been very interesting and amusing. I love that Big Brother decided to do this.

3:15 PM  

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